Water Saving Tips

Water Saving Tips

Conserve Water, Save Money!

Here are some water saving tips to be conscious of both your eco footprint and your wallet.

With the school year right around the corner, it may seem like summer is coming to an end. But, the temperature keeps rising, and as it does, so does our water bill.

Year round, we should all be mindful of conserving water, but this time of year is especially important. Here are some ways to help conserve water now and throughout the year.

Time your showers. This tip has dual purposes: reduce water usage and save time getting everyone out the door in the morning. Another solution is to replace your old showerhead with a new water-saving one. At Jim Dandy, no project is too small, so if you need a hand installing your new showerhead, we are happy to help.

Reuse your towels. When you have finished your (efficient and water-saving) shower, and you reach for a towel, it doesn’t need to be straight out of the laundry bin. Reusing towels reducing the time you spend doing laundry, and reduces the amount of water used to fill up your washing machine.

With that in mind, try to reduce the amount of laundry you do. Once you’re done wearing an article of clothing, think about how dirty it really is and if it can be worn again. We aren’t advocating for reusing a pair of muddy socks, but that sweater from the night before can probably be worn again. And besides, who wants to do extra laundry?

If you need help installing water saving features in your home from shower heads to toilets and faucets, Jim Dandy is the Plumber for YOU. We also install all types of water heaters.

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