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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera

Jim Dandy specializes in sewer cameras to see what is clogging up your sewer drains.

If finding the problem to your clogs is difficult then a sewer scope/camera is a good idea in order to find the issue. Normally the cause of the blockage is feminine hygiene products, paper towels, or even thicker toilet paper. The camera is waterproof, so you know that there will not be any issues when sending a camera down the drain. To set up a sewer camera inspection call 206-633-1141.

When sending a camera down your sewer system, the camera that we send down has a light that illuminates the interior of the pipe, and the live video is sent to a monitor that the technician looks at to diagnose any sewer line problems. If you choose to have your sewer lines inspected, you can catch developing problems that can get ugly if not taken care of as soon as possible; a camera can reveal potential problems in their beginning stages. Even problems that will eventually require the sewer line to be replaced can be managed for a time in their beginning stages, depending on the problem. This gives you time to plan cleaning to prevent backups. Jim Dandy can also provide you with a video once we are finished. This is a good thing to have, especially if you are selling your home. This creates trust between the homeowner and the buyer because the buyer will be assured that the drains are clear.

Sometimes finding the problem is difficult, and if a drain auger does not work then we can use a sewer camera or drain snake to look down the sewer line to figure out what is causing your backup.

This can help us see the problem and determine the proper maintenance to be scheduled or how costly the repairs will be. Typically, common sources of clogging include feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and even thicker toilet paper. If we see that the problem is tree roots, sometimes the option may be to replace the sewer line, which can be a significant monetary investment. A complete sewer line blockage can occur if immediate action is not taken.

Tree roots are another problem that sewer scopes can detect.

Tree roots are the primary cause of a clogged sewer line, especially in an older home. Roots and shrubs will naturally look for any water source. If you are hearing gurgling noises from your toilet bowls, this could be a sign that your sewer system is being affected by tree roots. A complete sewer line block will occur if you do not take action to remove the roots. To keep this from happening a routine maintenance is recommended to help prevent any problems before an even bigger issue arises. A camera is also recommended; this can help the professional plumber see exactly what they are dealing and the proper measurements that need to be taken to ensure that the issue is taken care of as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a clogged sewer system, first you should shut off your main water supply to your home. This is usually found near the water heater, in the garage, in the basement or crawlspace, or in a water meter box located outside your home or near the street. Then you should call a professional plumber – Jim Dandy.

Emergencies happen, and that is something that the plumbers at Jim Dandy realize.

They have families just like your own, so they want to get the situation taken care of as soon as possible. With 24 hour services 7 days a week you know that you are getting the best and quickest care possible. We also always have a tech on call in case an emergency pops up and you need someone as soon as possible. Our plumbers will show up to your home with a smile on their face, and they will take care of your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Do not hesitate to ask questions. They will explain the issue to you, and they will make sure that you understand the necessary steps and cost so you do not get a curveball about what is going on or about how much it will cost. We are here to help.

A video camera line inspection pipe will identify all types of problems, such as root intrusion and a pipe that is misaligned, broken, punctured, off-grade, or corroded. The camera also identifies grease buildup, leaks, and obstructions. A sewer scope is recommended if you experience repeated drain line backups, slow drains, or clogs.

To schedule a sewer scope today call Jim Dandy. Our professional, knowledgeable, and friendly plumbers will get the job done in no time.

Call us at 206-633-1141.

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