Basement smelling like a sewer?

Basement or Sewer Drain Smelling Foul?

What to do when your basement smells like a sewer.

We have a love-hate relationship with basements. They make a great use of square footage, and are a great spot for your furnace, water heater and other critical machinery to keep your house running. However, they do come with their own problem: leaks, condensation, mold, and funky smells. Are basement drain sewer smells stinking up your house?

Here are a few sources of foul basement odors:

A stinky water trap under a floor drain or laundry machine. Has your basement drain not been used in awhile? Water can evaporate and cause odorous gas from your sewer line to leak into your room. A simple solution is to pour fresh water down the drain. Another sneaky tip:  after pouring fresh water into the drain add a spoonful of clean cooking oil. This will keep the water from evaporating so quickly.

A missing cleanout plug from the floor drain. If your floor drain doesn’t have a cleanout plug, it allows sewer gases to escape into the room. Open up the drain grates and check to see if the cleanout plug is there. If it is not, then your local hardware store will help you find a replacement.

Evaporated water from a toilet trap. If your basement toilet has not been used recently, then the water in the toilet trap may have evaporated. Simply flush the toilet to fix.

A broken wax toilet ring. If the toilet ring between the toilet flange and the toilet base breaks, sewer gases can leak into a room. To fix this, remove the toilet and replace with a new wax ring.

If you’ve investigated these possible causes and still haven’t found the culprit, you might have a cracked or broken sewer line. This is a serious problem, so it should not be left unattended. Our plumbing specialists at 206.633.1141 can help detect and fix a broken sewer line. If you think your sewer line is broken, call us immediately at 206.633.1141. We will send a sewer specialist to diagnose the problem and help you find an affordable solution.

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