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Winter Plumbing Leaks

During this time of year as the temperature continues to drop, we tend to spend as little time outside as possible, but you may have to venture outside this winter to prevent a common plumbing problem. A water line leak or break will cause severe damage to your home and is a common issue since many people retreat inside once winter hits, without thinking about taking care of plumbing outside. The water line that leads to your home is metered for use, and a leak or break can cause that metering to be inaccurate, leading to both an expensive bill and costly repair. Follow these tips and tricks offered by Jim Dandy, Seattle plumbing contractor, to keep your home protected this winter.



What could be the cause of a water line leak or break? Surprisingly, frozen garden hoses. A garden hose that is left connected can cause damage as the water inside freezes. The hose gradually builds up pressure in your home’s water line, which leads to a leak or break if not taken care of. Before a cold front crosses your path, make sure garden hoses are completely drained and disconnected entirely from the pipe.


Since you are already outside, you can go ahead and drain all of your other outdoor pipes as well, since frozen water in any outdoor pipe can lead to the same issue. Our team of commercial & residential plumbers suggest investing in the installation of insulated faucet jackets on all your outdoor faucets to protect from freezing weather conditions. This will lessen the chance of a water line leak or break as well as frozen pipes. The last precaution to take is to use shut-off valves that are located within your home, usually under sinks or near water heaters to drain remaining water form your pipes.


Winter conditions can cause a number of plumbing issues to arise, but with the right information and steps taken, you can prevent costly damage to your home.

If you have any questions about water line leaks or breaks, give us a call. Providing experienced, honest Plumbing services for Seattle’s residential & commercial businesses is our expertise, and we can help. CALL 206-633-1141



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