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Point Repair, Trenchless Technology

What is Point Repair or Trenchless Technology?

Point Repair is a method of repairing a burst pipe without digging an unsightly trench. Additionally, this method of repairing a sewer line is typically much less expensive.

Instead of digging a trench, our trained technicians use pipe lining or pipe bursting technology.  This method is also sometimes referred to as CIPP or cured in place pipe. These terms may sound technical but the idea is simple. A flexible pipe is inserted into the existing damaged pipe.  This inserted pipe is installed by just digging one hole and therefore does not require major excavation, or the need to dig a trench. This is why it is also sometimes called trenchless technology or point repair because it typically requires the plumber to just create one hole or access point.

Once the flexible pipe is placed into the existing damaged sewer line, the flexible pipe is blown with a resin and inflated. The resin cures over several hours and hardens within the existing pipe, creating a new damage free pipe.

Trenchless technology using Point repair using this pipe lining method will save thousands of dollars in excavation fees and protect your landscaping, sidewalks and other important features on your property.

If the damaged pipe has collapsed completely and pipe lining is not an available option, then our technicians may instead use a pipe bursting method.  If this is the case our expert plumbing technicians may need to dig two access holes around the damaged sewer line.  A new pipe is pulled through the damaged sewer line to burst the damaged pipe.

Our point repair trenchless technology system is approved by government agencies world wide for rehabilitation of sewer pipelines and storm drains without excavation. Jim Dandy’s trenchless repair method can be performed in as little as 2 hours and in most cases does not require by-pass pumping.

Most sewers are less than 6% damaged. Our trenchless technology point repair sewer repair system can repair the damaged pipe area and restore the sewer to its original capacity. Most of all the point repair system can save the customer 50% or more based on conventional methods.

This can be a huge relief especially to our customers living historic neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Green Lake, Ballard and Beacon Hill.

Many of these neighborhoods have old sewer lines that have not been repaired in many years.