Jim Dandy Now Offers HVAC Services

You heard it right!

Jim Dandy now offers HVAC services. We know that coming home to a warm home in the winter is important. Jim Dandy can install, inspect, repair, and replace any furnace. You can count on our team of technicians. Just call 206-966-4548 or 425-454-8153.


We offer estimates.

If you are looking to replace your furnace, we can come into your home and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to install a new one or replace your old one. This allows you to budget for a new furnace. It also provides us with an idea of how long it will take to repair, install, maintain, or replace.

Got a yearly inspection.

Our professional technicians at Jim Dandy recommend a yearly inspection of your heating system. Manufacturer’s also recommend getting your unit maintained annually. If you do not get your furnace maintained yearly and a problem arises, your warranty is no longer covered by the manufacturer. This sort of routine HVAC maintenance can catch small problems before they become even bigger problems. Routine maintenance prolongs the unit’s life. It also keeps it from breaking down suddenly. No one wants their furnace to go out when it is 32-degree weather outside. Routine checkups of your furnace can prevent your system from going down when you need it most.

furnace inspection

How old should my furnace be before it needs replaced?

Older HVAC systems tend to be inefficient. This means that they cost more to operate every year, and they are not as good at warming up the home. Your furnace may be struggling to keep you warm in the winter. In fact, keeping your unit in good working condition can reduce your utility bills and make your home much more comfortable. If your furnace is over fifteen years old, you should consider purchasing a newer unit. Newer units are more efficient, and they can end up saving you money in the long run. A new heating unit can be costly upfront, but they end up saving you money and energy in just a couple years.

Poor Air Quality

Pollution outside is bad enough, but did you know that your home is also likely to have pollution? Poor air quality inside your home or work space is completely unacceptable. There are a variety of factors that cause poor air quality, including inadequate ventilation, pets, pollen, dust mites, mold, mildew, and VOC’s from cleaning products and pesticides. Ensuring that your ventilation system is running properly can vastly improve your indoor air quality. A poorly ventilated home with poor indoor quality can contribute to a variety of health issues. If you have an unexplained fatigue, allergies, a runny nose, headaches, or even more severe health problems, it may be time to inspect your ventilation system to rid your space of pollutants.

Heat Loss

There are a variety of methods we use to calculate heat loss in a home. Locating the source of heat loss and sealing it up is the goal. Even seemingly small sources of heat loss can add up over time and drive up your utility costs.

Common causes of heat loss include:

  • Poorly sealed windows and doors
  • Inadequate insulation in attics and walls
  • Poorly sealed wall outlets and switches

The technicians here at Jim Dandy can repair or replace and faulty systems. Staying warm and saving money, you can afford to do it right. Our technicians are trained to install top quality products at affordable prices. If you find that you need a new furnace call Jim Dandy for advice on the best system to install. Take advantage of our estimates as well. We can sell and recommend a large variety of top of the line furnace units. Remember to get your furnace checked annually to prolong its life. Our staff has the tools, equipment, and expertise to repair your heating system. Affordable, reliable, and dependable, too; Jim Dandy is the plumber for you! Call 206-966-4548 or 425-454-8453.

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