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As you are well aware, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are one of the most vital parts of a building. However, the systems that allow us to stay cool on a sweltering summer day or avoid freezing through the long winter are often overlooked when considering the maintenance and upkeep of one’s home or business. In fact, regular tune-ups to heating and air conditioning as well as a yearly check-up and maintenance of the ventilation system can improve indoor air quality, decrease costs by reducing energy use, and prevent deterioration that reduces the lifespan of the system and its components.

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Home and business owners can begin the process of HVAC upkeep by remembering to perform routine maintenance and being aware and acting quickly when problems arise. Maintenance you should consider to avoid increased cost and long-term problems include:

  • Ensuring the building is fully insulated and sealing air leaks
  • Inspecting ventilation ducts for mold and new leaks
  • Cleaning vents
  • Replacing air filters monthly
  • Dehumidifying if your indoor humidity is above fifty percent
  • Checking the vent on your clothes dryer

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Even after performing these tasks to increase the efficiency and longevity of your Seattle HVAC system, you should call in a professional to tackle problems quickly when they arise and perform in-depth maintenance once a year or as needed. Not doing so puts unnecessary stress on various components of the system, often leading to failures that involve long and expensive repairs in the future.

Call in a professional each year before winter hits to ensure your heating and cooling components are running optimally. It is also important to remember that air contaminants are universal and tend to have deep-rooted sources in the home’s ventilation system. Asking a technician to thoroughly clean or replace components that host allergens such as dust, mold, mildew, and bacteria can improve your health and that of your family.

HVAC Installation

HVAC Unit Installation Seattle WA

Take these considerations into account when installing a new component to your HVAC system. Always have a trained expert ensure your installation is performed correctly and advise you on proper care. Remember that a new heating and/or air conditioning unit can last as long as the building and consider bringing in a consultant to design a system that optimizes your heating and cooling for comfort and efficiency. When modifying or replacing parts of your HVAC system, you should also check your home or facilities for air leaks, lack of insulation, deep-rooted mold, and any other issues that will prevent the improvements from enhancing your comfort to the fullest.

Whether you need routine HVAC maintenance or repair for an unexplained issue with your heating in the middle of winter, Jim Dandy Sewer & Plumbing is the place to call for advice and solutions.

Jim Dandy in Seattle Washington performs HVAC installation and repairs on homes, apartments, apartment complexes, condominiums, condos, managed properties, real estate, office buildings, municipal buildings, public schools, government office buildings, universities, stores, retail, shopping malls, warehouses and industrial business centers, shopping centers and more. Call today for quotes and we can get started on saving you time and money. We fix HVAC units and perform HVAC maintenance and plans throughout the Seattle Washington area.

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