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Commercial Plumber

The Construction Plumbing Department at Jim Dandy manages major plumbing remodels and new construction jobs throughout the greater Seattle and Bellevue area. Plumbing projects range in size from $10,000 up to $500,000 and higher. If you are looking for a commercial plumber in the Seattle area, Jim Dandy has you covered. We provide top of the line customer service when working with fellow business owners. Some of our clients include Graham Construction and Synergy Construction.

With all that encompasses a remodel or a new construction project, you need reliable and professional commercial plumbing services. Jim Dandy make sure you are in compliance with city ordinances and inspections so that you can focus more on the big picture. Since 1908, Jim Dandy has been a top commercial plumber in the Seattle area.

Jim Dandy Commercial Construction Plumbing in Seattle has worked on:

Jim Dandy Sewer and Plumbing is a Licensed Green Plumber.

We are an accredited and trained company in Caring for Our Water GreenPlumbers. Jim Dandy specializes in residential and commercial water conservation and retention, storm water runoff and filtration, rain gardens, environmental plumbing, water saving appliances and fittings, and assessing areas in homes and businesses for high water consumption. We provide you with a comprehensive study on ways to save water in your home and business, therefore saving you money!

Jim Dandy works closely with homeowners, contractors, and business owners to promote more environmentally sustainable ways of operating. Incorporating green plumbing and building practices into the plumbing trade will improve quality of air, water, and living. We are water conservation and energy efficiency focused.

As a business, Jim Dandy uses 10% biodiesel in our fleet of trucks and excavators, uses smart driving practices, recycles waste products (including metal, paper, cardboard, plastic and oil), buys recycled products when available, reduces office heat, lighting and cooling, installed low flow toilets and turned down the hot water temperature. As your plumbing experts, we can provide quick and affordable service to help turn down your hot water tank and install low flow toilets. Just call for details!

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