Trenchless Sewer Line Repair or Excavation

Sewer Line Repair Methods

To avoid costly sewer line repair and replacement homeowners should be really conscientious about the trash they put in their sinks, garbage disposals and toilets. If you must have your sewer line repaired we can help with trenchless sewer line repair methods.

Why is this a problem?

Any solid matter that you put down the toilet or drainpipe has the potential to cause blockages in both the public sewer or your own private drain. This can lead to:

  • Sewer Line Cleaining

    Jim Dandy does trenchleess sewer line repair and excavation. Call today 206-633-1141

    Raw sewage overflowing in your home or your neighbor’s home;

  • An expensive and unpleasant cleanup;
  • Raw sewage overflowing into yards, and streets;
  • Potential contact with disease-causing organisms;
  • An increase in operation and maintenance costs for local sewer departments, which can cause higher sewer bills for customers;
  • Increased pollution due to sewage spills caused by the blockages.

To avoid an emergency plumbing problem that could require excavation in your yard don’t put these items in your sink, garbage disposal or drainpipe:

  • fats, oils or grease from cooking, cars or lawnmowers
  • coffee grinds
  • egg shells
  • produce stickers
  • chunks of garbage
  • disposable diapers
  • feminine hygiene products
  • paper towels
  • flushable cat litter
  • rags
  • condoms
  • bags/wrappings and cardboard
  • motor oil, transmission fluids, anti-freeze or other toxic chemicals
  • solvents, paints, turpentine, nail polish, polish remover
  • flammable or explosive substances
  • corrosive substances that are either acidic or caustic
  • needles and sharps
  • prescription and over-the-counter medications
Jim Dandy offers both commercial and residential sewer line repair and replacement.  We can fix these problems. We are licensed, bonded and insured.  We offer video inspections and even use trench less technology.  As Seattle’s oldest plumbing company, locally owned and operated since 1908, we know old pipes, we know blocked pipes and we know how to fix clogged drains, and backed up sewer lines.  Call us today, 206-633-1141
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