4 Home Upgrades to Sell Your Home

4 Home Upgrades to Sell Your Home

When selling a home, people often spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new carpet, counter tops, or painting to make their home more valuable and appealing to potential buyers. However, they often forget about a very important factor that has great value on a home – the systems. Plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems are perhaps the most valuable in a home. Jim Dandy can come inspect your home’s plumbing and heating for a reasonable price before you buy or sell your home. That way you have everything in order. You can call us at 206-966-4548 or 425-454-8153. Here are four ways to help improve your home before you sell it to help increase it’s value.

1. Sewer Scope

Along with inspecting the home’s plumbing and heating, we also offer sewer scope inspections. Items such as feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and even thicker toilet paper can begin to clog your sewer system. A sewer scope runs a camera through your sewer system. This allows us to easily see any problems that might be occurring. This can often prevent big issues from happening beforehand. Therefore, you can take the proper measures necessary to ensure a bigger problem doesn’t occur. Jim Dandy can come and camera your drains. A copy of the video will be provided. This is extremely beneficial to the homeowner because the buyers can see what is in the sewer system. A video could help with potential buyers because it will make them feel more confident about purchasing the home. Knowing that the sewer system is properly working appeals to the people thinking about buying your home. Visit our Specials page to snag a coupon regarding our camera inspections.

2. Upgrade Furnace/Air Conditioning

A furnace or air conditioning inspection is also a good idea. No one wants to be extremely hot or cold in the comfort of their own home. It is even worse when it is one they just bought. Help prevent this problem by inspecting the furnace and air conditioning beforehand. Furnace and air conditioning manufacturers require a yearly maintenance and tune up to be done under the warranty. The warranty no longer covers any damage that is done to your furnace if a problem arises. You can help eliminate the whole issue by dealing with it upfront. Waiting for the problem to arise could leave your buyers angry because no one caught the issue before it presented itself. Upgrading your furnace and/or air conditioning increases the value of your home. It is also more appealing to any potential buyer.

3. New Water Heater

With showers, sinks, washing machines, and dishwashers that are consistently running throughout the day, having warm water is essential in a home. Inspecting your water heater is beneficial to the homeowner. This creates peace of mind with the buyer because they know that the water heater is working properly. A new water heater, however, will greatly increase the value of your home. Jim Dandy can inspect, repair, install, and replace any water heater. If your water heater is old, replacing it might be a good idea. Replacing it will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also provide trust between the potential buyer and the homeowner. The buyers can be assured that the homeowner cares about the necessities — such as a new water heater — within the home. Get a coupon for $100 off any hot water heater replacement here. Your home will appeal more to potential buyers when they know that everything, including the water heater, is up to date.

4. Plumbing and Heating Inspection

When a home inspection is done, a licensed technician comes and checks everything to do with your plumbing and heating. By getting a plumbing and heating inspection before selling your home, you can either repair any of the problems or budget the repairs into the asking price. Potential buyers will second guess a home if the inspection report is loaded with issues. When moving into a new home, people need to feel comfortable and confident in the decision that they have made. As the homeowner, you get the advantage if you do it first and have your home inspected before someone buys it. A sense of trust is created between the homeowner and the buyer. With inspections at a reasonable price, you cannot compete with Jim Dandy’s prices.

When selling your home, things like new carpet and new cabinets are important. You should also focus on things that could potentially cause issues within the home, such as your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and water heater. Unexpected problems are never fun for anyone. Call Jim Dandy to schedule your home inspection today at 206-966-4548 or 425-454-8153.

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